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Customer Reviews & Testimonials

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Customer Reviews & Testimonials

"We were in Cody to ride the Chief Joseph and Beartooth Hwy and we had a flat. Since we were in town, I headed for Mountain Valley Motorsports. They replaced the tube in 15 minutes and I bought 2 other items and got out the door for [less than] $50! Excellent service, everyone was friendly, and they salvaged a whole day of riding. I also personally witnessed them work with another client and they were honest about his carburetor issue. If in Cody and you need help- THESE GUYS ARE GREAT!!!"

- Bob R.

"Had trouble with my bike in vacation they ordered the parts and ups dropped the ball I was leaving the next morning so they dug through the past they had and got me back on the road. Great service would recommend them to anyone :)"

- Greg P.

"I wanted to give a big thanks to Tom and his crew at Mountain Valley Motorsports in Cody, WY. They attended the 2015 BMW Motorcycle Owners Association (MOA) Rally at MetraPark in Billings and changed over 70 tires on an assortment of BMW motorcycles. Mine was included. He did an awesome job installing Michelin Anakee III tires on both the front and rear. I have over 2,000 miles and no "out of balance" issues. If you are in need of new shoes for your BMW bike please give him a call if you are in the Cody, WY area. I completely trust this dealership. Thanks Tom."

- Rob K.

"Thank you Mountain Valley Motorsports. Your recommendation for us to get a Viking has been the best purchase we've made since we bought our ranch. I highly recommend anyone who is looking for a workhorse of a machine to definitely get a Viking. On the ranch it's hauled hay, feed, irrigation equipment, saws, firewood, and anything else we could even think of putting in it. It's performed in all weather conditions and I haven't been able to bury this thing in the mud yet. I would recommend this UTV to anyone that is looking for an addition to their ranch to make life easier. Thank you for your advice when we decided to purchase."

- Tim K.

"Bought a rhino from them a few years back. excellent service. So glad they hooked me up with a snow plow back then, I sure am putting it to good use!"

- Kate C.

"A buddy and I were on a motorcycle trip from eastern Nebraska to Yellowstone and points west. We only had a week and planned on seeing as much as possible. Well, my 2006 Yamaha FJR1300 had different plans once I hit the 6500 to 7500 ft elevation. My bike was not happy with the change in altitude and wouldn't let me proceed west. I did some looking in the FJR forums and found that there was a recall bulletin on my bike that had never been taken care of by the previous owner (thanks buddy). Since the bike was 10 years old the recall was actually expired per Yamaha.

Tom did me a solid and contacted Yamaha and asked that they honor the replacement to which Yamaha did on a "part only" basis which meant that I needed to cover shipping and labor. I agreed and the part was shipped overnight and I received a call 10:30am saying the part was in and to limp my bike in for repair. Ok...10:30am in Cody Wyoming!!

Ryan the mechanic installed the part in about 20 mins and the problem was solved and we were able to continue on our trip with only one day lost. Tom, Ryan, Evan and the rest of the MVM team were professional and did what it took to help a traveler in distress. Tom even asked that I give him a call when I got back home to let him know that everything was good and that I made it home safe!

These are real people that are about business. Tom is a guy that says hello and "can I help you" to every person that walks through his door. I was lucky they were there in Cody and was at their mercy. I got out of there for $100! I am sure half of that was shipping! They did right by me for sure! Thanks MVM!"

- Brian F.

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