The Arctic Cat M8000 Alpha

Arctic Cat M8000 closeup, Cody, WY

The Arctic Cat M8000 Alpha

At Mountain Valley Motorsports in Cody, WY

Sometimes a machine comes along that stops everybody in their tracks. The Arctic Cat M8000 Alpha 1 is that machine! It offers cutting-edge new advancements that improve the riding experience in every way from the smoothness of the ride to the speed you'll be able to hit. Ready to get your hands on the innovative Arctic Cat M8000 Alpha 1? Visit Mountain Valley Motorsports. We carry a number of snowmobiles including the latest Arctic Cat models. We proudly serve those in Cody and Powell, Wyoming near Yellowstone National Park. Stop by today!

Learn About The Alpha One:

Single-Beam Rear Suspension

Alpha 1 suspension, Cody, WY

This Arctic Cat M8000 Alpha 1 suspension system is so revolutionary that the company holds a patent on the single center mounted monorail design. The suspension allows the track to be more flexible, which translates into a whole new level of smoothness to your ride. No one enjoys traversing snow and getting jarred and tossed around as you go. With the new single beam rear suspension, you will glide over the snow.

Riding Experience

Alpha One Skis, Cody, WY

Parallels have been drawn from the Arctic Cat M8000 Alpha 1 to riding a dirt bike on the snow. The frame creates a riding position that keeps you close to the machine and the turf, which boosts the thrill of the ride. You'll enjoy even more adrenaline rushes! You'll also get more traction and more power, so you can push new limits as you go.

A Lightweight Design

Lightweight Seat Alpha 1 Snowmobile, Cody, WY

This model is lightweight due to its construction from extruded aluminum with magnesium attachment points. They help keep the snowmobiles easier to handle and steer. It's almost impossible for snow accumulation to occur, so you won't need to worry about that holding you back. The light frame means you'll be more agile and able to hit higher speeds as you soar across the snow.

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